Blue Presence [Freeware]

Have you ever wanted your computer to automatically start Microsoft Messenger when you walk into your home office? Now it can! This little tool monitors for a bluetooth signal - such as your mobile phone gives off - and can start / stop applications when it's detected!

For more information on Blue Presence, and to download it, click here.

Clicky Dashboard

If you are a user of Clicky Analytics, or even if you are fed up with your existing Analytics solution and are looking for some better (and something more realtime!) ... then Clicky Dashboard can help bring your website analytics to your desktop.

For more information on Clicky Dashboard, and to download a fully functional trial, click here.


An intelligent web spider that will watch your website like a hawk, alerting you if performance problems appear, invalid links creep in, images stop appearing, or pretty much any issue develops!

For more information on Custodes, please see our microsite

VMWare Console Manager [Freeware]

Being a heavy user of VMWare Server, we found the Console incredibly frustrating - especially when you have thirty servers to manage and they all have different credentials. Let VMWare Console Manager remember the details so you don't have to!

For more information on VMWare Console Manager, and to download it, click here.

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